Radenso RC-M Multipurpose Driver Assistance System

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Radenso RC M Features
• Australian Red Light & Speed Camera alerts
• Low Speed GPS auto-muting (automatically mutes based on speed)
• Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) false alert filtering
• Voice alerts with 260 different messages
• GPS lockouts for stationary false alerts
• Updatable firmware and Australian Camera Database with free lifetime updates
• Removable Magnetic OLED display
• All alerts on a single display
• Waterproof antenna
• Display Modes: Bright, Dim, Smart Dark (small dot scrolls across the display until an alert), Dark (display is dark until an alert)
• Selectable Radar Bands (X, K, Ka, MRCD, MRCT, Gatso)
• White OLED Display
• Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) equipped antenna
• Low power K band detection
• Selectable Ka POP radar band
• Multiple Threat Display (up to 3 signals)
• Three modes (AutoCity, Highway, City modes)
• USB port for firmware and database updates