AL Priority Firmware Update 28.07.17

We are happy to let you know that a new firmware upgrade is available for your 
AL Priority system.


Control Box Firmware Update


1. Auto-Dim LED light if using a GPS mouse 
A New option has been added to Dark Mode in the Online configurator. The option -Auto- has now been added to the earlier options of Normal, Dim and Dark. When chosen, the Auto option will automatically change your LED intensity level depending on time of day. The LED will be brighter the earlier in the day it is, as night approaches, the LED will dim accordingly.

NOTE: An ALP GPS antenna is required for timekeeping in order for this option to work.

Before applying a new configuration to your unit, you will need to update the firmware of your Control Box due to the newly added options. There has been a change in how to input the Dark mode manually:

Enter MENU; 
Press NEXT three times (3); Press ENTER (LED will turn white).

Press NEXT 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 times then ENTER 
(1-Constant, 2-ConstantDimmed, 3-ConstantDark, 4-ConstantAuto, 5-NormalFlashing, 6-Dimmed (MutedFlashing), 7-Dark Flashing, 8-AutoDim Flashing.)

2. Radar Speed Limit Bands option 
The RADAR SPEED limit option in the Online configurator has now been extended. You can now decide wether to apply radar speed limits to all bands, or only to X and K band.

3. Various bug-fixes and stability improvements. (Radar antenna, Self-test, Bluetooth, PDC etc.). 

Voicepack Update

Gen 11.

1. Added voice support for the new settings. 

ALP Connect Android



1. Added support for Flic button 
Control your ALPConnect and your AL Priority with a push of a button. Flic button is connected to your smartphone within the Flic app, and then you may activate it under the settings page of your ALPConnect to gain these smart button functions:

  • Click: Mute PDC, full Mute, stop defense during laser alert
  • Double click: Suppress radar alert / Alter City Mode Filter (Highway/Red/Yellow)
  • Hold: Connect & Disconnect and Hide

The Flic button works even when the ALPConnect is running in the background. The Flic button is available for purchase via our website.

2. Bug fixes.

Stay tuned for new release of smartphone ALPConnect app. for iOS!